Dell Latitude on the Orient Express

Very Civilised way to travel

Very Civilised way to travel

Here’s a picture of what a bunch of tech journalists look like on one of the most luxurious trains in the world. Come to think of it, old bean, it’s not every day that geeks like me get invited on the Orient Express to find out about the Dell Latitude ‘E’ series… I also filmed a special Geek Chic one-to-one session with a Dell Jedi which should be out on youtube as soon as humanly possible, and yes, dear reader, I shall indeed stick a link here just for you.

Annie Mole, esteemed underground blogger and I both arrived at Victoria Station earlier than everyone else.  I was incredibly excited by the thought of going on the Orient Express, although it was probably uncool to blurt loudly “ooooh!! I’m going to go on the Orient Express!!!!! Woop! Woop!”, where “Woop” is an approximation of a train whistle.  I’m pretty sure I overheard someone say “Yeah, I’ve been on the Orient Express before” in an unexcited monotone.  What????  Well, I’m pretty certain that if I was ever lucky enough to catch this train again, I would probably have infinite “Woop”s remaining for the second time, I can tell you.

Right, back to the tech.  These are the E series Latitude notebooks, which boast a longer battery life, not just because of battery quality, but also because of new power management software tools and components which drain less juice inside.  The motherboard is inverted (i.e. upside down!) to improve accessibility and heat conduction.   The E series also have Zinc hinges and Magnesium Alloy casing (Yeah!! Metal!!), and a backlit keyboard function, useful for late night surfing (whatever you do on a computer in the dark).

Spooks-watchers and Bond-fans will appreciate the Remote Delete Service, which (if selected) will totally wipe your computer the next time it connects up to the internet after it’s been reported stolen.  Oh, and while the gun-sighting credits and dancing girls are still on your mind’s screen, it’s also worth mentioning that once this process starts, it cannot be stopped  even if you format the disk, as it’s burned into the bios.  And if that’s not enough spy-tastic talk, there’s GPS tracking within 10 metres (1 in 4 Dell laptops with GPS are recovered, apparently).  Finally, there’s the on-screen flag saying “This machine has been stolen”, even if you didn’t get the hint when you bought it from that dodgy-looking bloke.  In Cash.

Video to come: Markus from Dell tells us all about his Torture Chamber…

…and here’s a little gallery of the day. 

7 thoughts on “Dell Latitude on the Orient Express

  1. WOW cool, nice place to be invited to a launch of a product and second day in a row for a DELL one, lucky you.

    GPS tracking is a novel idea and like you mentioned could help recover some stolen or lost machines, guess my paymasters in the government need to invest in a few of these, as current lectures in the IT area ( I’m not in IT predominently but ophthalmology research using computers )are in data security and main one in which medical data could be/has been lost is from mislaid laptops and USB drives.

    If the GPS works like my iPhone one then its scarey in how you can be pinpointed!

    Like the pic of the cakes….. I’m hungry again caffiene and cake YUM.

  2. Hi LJ,

    It was nice meeting you yesteday at the Dell Latitude launch, and good to read that you had a great time.

    Photos look fab, shame we didn’t get one of Mr. Whicker 😉

    Hope to see you soon.


  3. Enjoyed reading your post 🙂

    As a long-time sceptic of Dell, it’s interesting that they seemed to have upped their game a bit, but cleverly done it in the area of security, which people rightly see as a more and more important issue – very impressive about the BIOS, etc. I suppose this also differentiates them a bit more from the competition – from the photies it seems that they’re not going to beat Apple on the design front.

    Hope the GPS works better than it does on my iPhone (maybe that’s why they only recover 1 in 4 😉

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