Dell Latitude Launch – live from Altitude, London

12082008766 1st look at dell latitude by LJRich.

Dell Latitude let off the leash

Currently at the top of London’s Millbank tower, in the venue known as “Altitude” for the Dell “Latitude” launch (I’m pretty certain that one is an anagram of another – how pleasing).

We arrived here (myself and anniemole) at around 4.30 and were given a short presentation followed by a live link up to San Francisco.  These computers appear to have some sexy new extras, including keyboards that light up in the dark, and a much-hyped 19-hour battery life (this is with the 9V battery and a battery slice on the e6400 model).  If you want to read the press release before quite a few others, have a look here for the skinny.

Dell has also launched today, which you’re welcome to have a look at.  The press have now got a feast to look forward to, up here on the 29th floor – as for the food, we’re hoping it’s Dell-icious…

One thought on “Dell Latitude Launch – live from Altitude, London

  1. Hi LJ

    Hope the launch food was tasty! and I thought I was the master of impromtu puns, your Dell-icious had me smiling.

    I am starting to like Dells more and more, yes I have 4 in my office in work, older Dell towers, but the new breed are starting to look stylish and giving Apple a run for their money IMO. I do particually like the new Dell Studio Hybrids, even Blogged about them and the great spec and price.

    Do hope the new Latitude comes in a colour other than girlie pink, nothing wrong with girlie pink but wouldnt do my male-ness any good in work, but as Dell tend these days to offer more colours I woudl have thought so.

    The illuminated keyboard is a great idea for a laptop, I have a Wireless 8000 from Microsoft and its superb for those late night surfing sessions, you know when you get on the net its light outside, next time you look away from the screen is midnight! but do hope that they have the keyboard with an infared motion sensor to illuminate when you move close and close off after a certain period of inactivity to save battery?

    So what did you think of the new laptop?


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