E-Series Video

Right, here’s the vid for a closer look at the Dell E-Series.  Thanks to Markus Schuetz for the interview.

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I’m going to run a scorching hot bath tonight- what a treat!   And I’ll leave you tonight with a pointless link to my (some have said “ridiculous” but I say “plausible”) comment on what I think of individual pods as opposed to communal carriages on London Underground here

Have a lovely evening.

3 thoughts on “E-Series Video

  1. Dave, thanks for your comment. It so happens that I *love* Red Dwarf. It wasn’t my intention to sound like Holly – although I’m not sure if you mean Hattie Hayridge’s version or Norman Lovett’s.
    Glad you enjoyed the vid.

  2. Phew. Glad you didn’t take that as an insult, comparing your voice to a “computer” 🙂 I meant Hattie Hayridge’s version, obviously. You have to admit, there’s a similarity there. You should do a product review one day, in the style of Holly, or slip some of her quotes into your dialogue on QVC 🙂

    The video was interesting though and well put together, considering you created it all yourself. As a teacher would say: “well done, keep up the good work.”

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