London Snow Day – pics from last night

Here are a few pictures of the “extreme weather event” in London and the South East last night.  It took over 3 hours to make a 45-minute journey, complete with car-pushing and buses getting stuck.

london snow at the embankment by you.

London Embankment

city of london bollards by you.

City of London

snow in london by you.

Trafalgar Square

snowball fight in central london by you.

Piccadilly Circus Snowball Fight

london snow by you.

Near Charing Cross

Piccadilly Circus in the snow by you.

Piccadilly Neon in the Snow

london snow taxi on truck by you.

Taxi on Truck, East London


Safe journeys today, everyone! Back with more gadgets soon.

5 thoughts on “London Snow Day – pics from last night

  1. Indeed great pics LJ.

    While I love snow, I’m not too keen these days driving in it, unless I’m only one on road as its a bit like a demolition derby at times…. not that we get much snow these days, so many not used to driving in or on it.

  2. Except for the snowball fight, it looks like snow scares the people off the streets!

    We’re a little smug about snow in Toronto. We’re equipped with plows, and we know that it’s really bad when we have to lend them across the border to Buffalo. (Our side of the lake gets less snow).

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