BBC W1 Open week

Today I visited W1, where the BBC Click team will be moving to sometime next year.

Naturally, I took a few pics.

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The new building will join with the older existing BBC buildings – and will feature a bridge on the 2nd floor connecting Egton House to the new Broadcasting house. 

To start with, the old 1932 building was refurbished, then the East Wing was built. Finally,  phase 2 (where BBC Click will be) is a giant modern extension. I was told that there was no 1st floor here, much like most buildings in the US. Once the building goes live, it will be the largest live newsroom in Europe.

If you’re a bit of a building anorak, pop over to where there’s lots more info about the building, and some great aerial pics.

3 thoughts on “BBC W1 Open week

  1. it’s probably good that the BBC starts to get more involved in the *home* situation as well as Brussels and the rest of Europe rather that throwing time and energy away in Washington which looks like a failed and pointless exercise

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