I’m on TV Right Now!!!

I’m sitting on set with Gary, the floor manager, with about 18 minutes till I go back on air! Talk about taking advantage of free wireless internet 🙂

I’ve decided to try and blog from more unusual places after I met someone whose cousin’s husband is currently aboard the NASA space station (you can see him here). As I can’t get into space right now, I thought I’d settle for a live television studio instead.

Studio 4 is, for once, warm – it’s usually closer to absolute zero here, due to some incredibly zealous air conditioning. I’ve just come from Central London to do a quick show about MP3 players and I’ll be going back out to a Brazilian club called Guanabara after I’ve packed up.

Wow, that sounds really exciting – it’s the first time I’m going out dancing in ages, so I’ll try and take a few pics of the place so you can see it too.

Right, James the producer has just said there are two minutes until I’m back on air, so I’d best get myself ready, and post like the wind… Rock and roll!!