Reality TV and Poptarts

“I had an amazingly strange night last night starting at BAFTA where I attended an event called “Truth or Dare: The Reality of Television” which pitted a selection of imaginary reality TV scenarios to the likes of Greg Dyke, Kelvin MacKenzie and a host of other high-up TV producer types. After being exposed to what *really* goes on behind the scenes in a Reality TV show (there will be a follow up blog on this I think), I then went off to actually appear on live TV (QVC UK in this case) at 1:00 in the morning – which was a very surreal thing to be doing, especially after the televisual wool had been firmly pulled from my bleary, overtired eyes.

… so I got back to the house at 3.00 am and woke up at around 1100 – (it’s OK, any self-respecting technology journalist is allowed to wake up whenever they want, after all, “online” is a 24-hour city) … and here is where you join me, speaking this blog whilst trying to work out how to optimally toast a chocolate pop tart that my friend Ivy sent me from me from Seattle, USA. In case you’re interested, my aim is to warm it through, but not burn it, and (geek that I am) I’m trying to calibrate the exact number at which to set the toaster. In case you’re still interested, it appears to be 2.5.

In case you haven’t realised from the (undeniably) creative procrastination above, I’ve got a few days to myself this week and I don’t have to be on TV until Friday night. Today I’ll be talking to a journalist from The Times (UK) about mobile blogging and technology in general (I’ll link to this in my next blog), then after a spot of Facebooking (is that a word?), I’ll probably beach myself in front of some reality TV after all, as there’s no Stargate Atlantis.

Speak to you soon, it was lovely to check in.”
spoken through SpinVox, tweaked by LJ