My Three Keyboard Cat Moon T Shirt

The first item of clothing I ever bought on the internet came in the post yesterday…

Three Keyboard Cat Moon T shirt from Threadless

Three Keyboard Cat Moon T shirt from Threadless

Here’s me in it…

me in kaybadly photoshopped for extra appeal

Rock 'n' Roll!


I wore it to work and got comments ranging from “That is Excellent” to
“I can’t believe you buy your clothes off the internet”.

But I don’t care. I want to wear it FOREVER*.  I shall hand wash it.  I might
even buy another one in case I lose this one or get nutella on it.

The only problem with this Tshirt is that while I’m wearing this fabulous
garment,  I can’t look at it at the same time.

Of course, this design is a combination of Amazon’s Three Wolf Moon
T shirt (below)

Three Wolf Moon - top selling shirt

Three Wolf Moon - top selling shirt

…and Keyboard Cat, the friendly feline that plays people off the stage when
they do something catastrophic:

So, what have we learned from this exercise?  Sometimes the Internet can
surprise us with creativity – this mashing of memes gave us something greater
than the sum of its parts. The Tshirt was scored by 3,791 people, and rated
4.48 out of 5.

Perhaps broad appeal is the new niche.  I’m not worried about following the
crowd on this one.

Sorry about the photoshop rush job,  I was overcome by an uncontrollable
compulsion to upload this picture and couldn’t wait.  The office chairs and
other debris detracted from the WONDER and MAJESTY of said t-shirt.
It had to go.

*Or, at least, for a while.