Nowhere is hot anymore when you’ve been to Dubai in July

cooling water fans and overheating passengers

Dubai Airport: cooling water fans and overheating passengers

OK, don’t try this at home, but hypothetically open the oven door on maximum heat, climb in (see, it’s hypothetical, I doubt you could fit unless 1. you’re really small and/or 2. the oven is really big).  Whilst looking out from inside your oven, try and imagine feeling cold again.  You can’t, because it’s so ridiculously hot your shoes are melting.

That’s Dubai, outside.  My body (and possibly yours) would register any temperature above 30C as Stupid Hot, including the 55 degree hit that smacks me in the chest on walking outside in the daytime in Dubai, UAE.   Landing at 11.30pm doesn’t let you off the hook – there’s no escape from the heat as it was a bonkers night time 35C! Just to give you an idea, the airline luggage labels on our cases had effectively melted to the handles in the 1 hour we’d been on the ground. 

“Don’t worry”, our intrepid (and well travelled) host said, “Your blood will thin at this temperature and you’ll be fine.” (EEEEEEWwwwWWW!)

Those first few breaths outside the airport’s fans were unbelievable, but intoxicating.  This place reminds me of Las Vegas a little, full of construction and contradiction.  I want more. 

Here are some piccies: