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LJ regularly writes and presents for BBC national television and radio, explaining how music, technology and social trends work.  She’s probably best known for presenting on BBC’s ‘Click’ technology show, interviewing everyone from the founder of Twitter to the CEO of Google, and  travelling the world to chronicle technology trends – though she’s no stranger to The Today Programme, Woman’s Hour, the BBC Breakfast Sofa and more.

She loves to think differently about technology, and has fixed her own iPad,  ridden one of the first VR roller coasters on a real coaster – operated the Hogwarts Express Black no 5 locomotive, sat in the driver’s seat of an autonomous vehicle and even captained the BBC team in the Segway Polo World Cup!

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LJ was recently interviewed by The New York Times and The Scientist about her experiences of synesthesia and perfect pitch. She holds a masters degree in Music from Christ Church College, Oxford. Her concert pianist training mixed with how she breaks down music into its constituent parts makes for some entertaining performances – from Harvard (USA) to KTH (Sweden) to South by SouthWest and Tokyo’s Hikarie Hall.

This year, she was selected to be part of NASA’s Datanaut program and now leads a project on creative approaches to data sonification.

Synaesthesia  has always inspired LJ’s composing but also compels her to invent and build interactive music experiences and performances. These range from Live installations at festivals and events (including LA’s Nocturnal Wonderland, SXSW Interactive and the UK’s Bestival) to more intimate performances and live-streaming. As one of the first to recognise the potential of streaming, the #ljtunes show garnered over half a million likes in just a few weeks and even got a mention in The Telegraph.

Other projects included: creating the ultimate dance anthem at London’s Science Museum, co-writing a science musical (featured in The Independent and on BBC World Service) and building sensory-altering devices.

Check out her TedXTokyo talk on ‘Glitching‘ and ‘A Musician’s Guide to Invention

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LJ’s fascinated by the nexus of liberal arts, technology and social tech trends and enjoys finding unexpected connections between those areas.  She sees parallels between classical and contemporary music, and was one of the first to recognise the power of twitter. LJ will happily chat about good food,  good science fiction or space.

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