This Week: The Musical


I’ve been super busy because I have a new show!! It’s called This Week: The Musical and we are soft launching it today… you’re some of the first humans to hear it!

Listening links right here:  

This Week: The Musical is a comedy tech news podcast,  complete with songs and sketches and special guests. Totally free to listen and very silly.

Leila Johnston and I have wanted to make something like this for ages!

So if you’d like to listen to our podcast right now, that would be utterly amazing.

This week’s episode includes songs about Spice Girls being replaced by machines and also an interview with the formidable Gretchen Greene, an artist who’s building her own AI to assist her in her creations.

p.s. if do you like it, please do subscriiiiiiibe and/or chat about it with us on #ThisweekTM. We live at  and have a facebook page too. Plus we’re on instagram and twitter @the2ljs

Yay! thanks for reading this far, I love you all dearly. I hope you like it 🙂

This Week: The Musical

Tech News Comedy Podcast with songs, sketches, special guests and silliness. Includes against-the-clock innovation and a rogue pikachu.

LJ x


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