TedXTokyo: Music, Technology and Synaesthesia

A few weeks ago, I gave a talk at TEDxTokyo on synaesthesia – and how it helps me compose music spontaneously – a few minutes in you’ll see me using the piano to describe my synaesthetic responses when entering a new city.


I also composed some music during my journey on the Shinkansen – Japan’s legendary bullet train.



Ever since I’ve started composing more frequently, lots more opportunities to combine music with presenting have come up… I hosted my first show on Radio 3:  Saturday Classics plus I compered #NOWYourTurn, the BBC National Orchestra of Wales concert at St David’s Hall, Cardiff.

I am looking forward to doing more thoroughly enjoyable things!


7 thoughts on “TedXTokyo: Music, Technology and Synaesthesia

  1. LJ – I really admire you, try to add you on Facebook but you haven’t said yes… I think you are truly amazing, I utterly adore you… Finding out that you are a musician too, is great. I am a poet, film maker, guitarist, drummer and writer in the North West of England, just wanna say hi really!

  2. You were brilliant in Cardiff. Really enjoyed your presentation. Also loved your voice and choice of music on Radio 3. I love your music. You are oozing with talent!

    Love the Shinkansen piece: Move over Vangelis, LJ is in town!

  3. Slightly disturbed by the glitching clip – was a tad too much like being on a trip and not enough like music…
    I would need something far more soothing and harmonious than that tripped out reverb

    • interestingly version 4 of my glitching kit is much more traditionally musical – and includes some classical musical phrases I composed in advance that I can trigger when I hear something in the same key. This works really rather well and bridges the gap between what I already identify as musical and what others need a little help in hearing as musical. I tried this version out on the host of Click Radio, Gareth Mitchell yesterday – he really enjoyed the experience, and it’s likely to feature in the show next week…

  4. Thanks for the reply LJ – did I say I LOVE YOU?? 🙂 – something about those deep mysterious eyes… I guess I am quite classical in my tastes, not a fan of computer generated things really, classic rock, folk, blues, classical, jazz, indie, – don’t really do trip-hop, dubstep, I know I am backwards and not “with it” but quality over quantity is my key and harmony and structure and content are very important to me… was also thinking in some ways – people already “Glitch” by using their headphones to drown out the world and to absorb music that they enjoy, I know not quite the same as the music isn’t reacting to the actual sounds around you, but with noise cancelling headphones now, I could just as easily be sat near my audiophile HIFI as on a train… don’t get me wrong, I love tech, but when tech becomes the music I think we lose that human contact connection to the living crafted instrument that has life breathed into it by the earth

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