Composing with a head cold

(crosspost from my Soundcloud account)

I spent the day outside, it was beautiful and green and sunny. I am not a natural gardener – in fact for the first time I planted something in a pot!  I did enjoy putting the compost in, though the sound of the roots being pulled unsettled me! I loved the smell of jasmine flowers and the chords behind the greenery and fragrance.  I also ate a lot of sugary treats and drank the most delicious single-estate oolong tea, a riot of tastes and experiences!

But at the same time I’m also experiencing a head cold that has bunged up my ears in a very strange way. So this is the sound version of what my day felt like through my cold. I’m impatient to get back to full working order so I can keep on with composing!

Listening to this back, I can hear all the cupcakes and chocolate as well as the feel and taste of the wet compost and getting scratched by nature.


It’s been just over a month since I’ve started putting my ‘live-composing’ online. Some FAQ’s

1) how long does it take to compose?

It just comes out like that. I think about something, and play it – in one go. In fact, I don’t even feel like I think about it. It just – happens!

2) What kit do you use?

At home it’s currently Logic 9 on an old Mac Pro, with Ivory II synth for the piano, and an old Yamaha P90 or Roland FP2 with sustain pedal to ‘play’ the notes.

On the road it’s either MacBook Pro running Ableton which I’m just getting the hang of, or Logic 9. I also use the iRig Keys (a small keyboard that has a sustain pedal input) and a sustain pedal. I also have an iPad set up with Garageband which is frustrating but OK in a pinch, kind of like a notepad.


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