Music = sometimes better than words

(cross post from my soundcloud account)


Right now, a few people I really like are going through some tough times. I sometimes find it comparatively difficult to express my emotions in words – even through the richness of language there are times when words are a poor substitute for music – a super-conductor of emotion and meaning.

I truly know how it feels when no-one can reach me, and I don’t want to be reached. So this is for you, and anyone else currently undergoing adversity. I think that even if you, like me, are experienced in how to deal with hardship, it doesn’t make it any easier when it happens.

This composition to me represents wordless, deep support to my friends, and also to myself. It’s reassurance that even in the most dark of situations, where it might feel bleak and desolate, grey and hopeless – after some time has passed, a glimmer of a smile, a glance of understanding, a random act of kindness from a stranger could be all that’s needed to transform that grey world into something more habitable – infusing it, finally, with much-missed slivers of light and colour.

This music was live-composed in just one take.


2 thoughts on “Music = sometimes better than words

  1. I listened to this while reading the post. I think the combination of your words and your music is even stronger and I could easily relate to it. I love it. Thank you.

  2. Yes, because of all the colors…and sometimes weird tastes. Though this piece is very cool (texture-wise) with a lot ribbon weavings of lavenders, lilacs, light blue-violets, light deep pinks, and salmon pinks, some mint greens (i’m thinking a silvery green). Overall the song is beautiful and I probably missed some colors. I didn’t taste anything though from it. I’m blaming my allergies on this one. :p

    (I belong to Sean A. Day’s synesthesia e-list, so this is how I found your page. 🙂 )

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