Analogue Days

I was asked by BBC Technology to help with their Tech Know segment about making a wax cylinder.

And if you ever wondered what would happen if you put together cockney grindcore band “The Men That Would Not Be Blamed For Nothing“, genius sound recordist Adrian Tuddenham from Poppy Records and of course BBC Tech’s Jason Palmer and multiskilled producer Andrew Webb

… you end up with around 4 minutes of enjoyable mayhem.

From BBC's Tech Know series

RSS Readers/ Can’t see the link? Watch the video by clicking here.

The Wax Cylinder is how audio was recorded before iPods, before MP3s, before CDs and even before Vinyl.

What does the future hold for audiophiles? Do you think the new cloud-based music model will be the next big thing? I’d love your thoughts on the future of audio consumption…

4 thoughts on “Analogue Days

  1. Great item. I think in this modern world we sometimes lose sight of what’s gone on before.

    Don’t get me wrong. I think the advances in technology over the last decade have been stupendous. Little did I know 10 years ago that I’d be able to buy a stereo for the car which had a USB port on it. No more cassettes, no more CDs, just a few USB sticks loaded with many albums of favourites. That said, I still have the ability to play vinyl and tape at home. Despite all the plaudits heaped on CD/digital media I sometimes prefer the sound of stylus on plastic – without (or maybe WITH) the jumps/skips!

  2. The future of audio consumption will not be decided by technology, but by politics. We will eventually reach the point of ‘Pay Per Play,’ where every play of any song on any device, will incur a debit from ones’ International Credit Database account.

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