Why do we Blog?

A two-fold post for you this time:

Part 1: More about the Blogging feature on BBC Click

Part 2: Why do we Blog?

Part 1.

This week was busy – the latest episode of Click Bits -the little 3 minute tech newscast – is now online… Click on the pic if you want to watch it.

(RSS Readers/can’t click on the pic to view? link here: Http://bit.ly/clickbits006 )

    …and my blogging piece on BBC Click is on this week’s show.

    Ah, the "Hello World" post - do you remember yours?

    Thank you very much Judith Lewis Mike Robinson , Marko Saric, Clare English and Andy Bargery for their cameos.   They each gave me about 20 seconds’ worth of blog tips on video, which I integrated into the piece.

    I took a few 3 second shots of some blogs at the beginning of the package

    They are listed here:

    Below are a few more blogs I’ve enjoyed reading in recent times:

    You’ll be able to read the whole transcript of the blogging feature here.

    • _

    part 2.

    Making the segment got me to thinking about when I first started blogging, so I went back and read my “Hello World” post i.e. the first post I ever wrote, which was about 90 posts ago.

    (If you absolutely have to, you can read it here. <cringe>)

    Then I wondered: What makes us blog? What drives us to leave a mark of our mundane existence on the internet? Who do we imagine writing to when we’re typing?

    So, of course, I came up with a thoroughly empirical theory.

    As a human, I normally spend a lot of time thinking, but my mouth blurts any given thought out after little (if any) moderation from my addled, overworked, overclocked brain.  I’m assuming that other humans experience this too.*

    If that is the case (and if we have the desire to do so) then writing could give us the freedom and time to craft a sentence, play with the words, and get a sense of perspective we can rarely access “in the moment”. We can proof-read our thoughts in type, then adjust that thought until it “makes sense” – to us, the authors, as much as any reader. This crafting of ideas into concrete might even result in learning something about ourselves we didn’t know until we saw it on the page.  Or of course, it could be nothing of the sort. We could just want to post pictures of cats because we love cat pictures.

    Incidentally, the above paragraph took 35 minutes to write, and included moving the sentences around, working out what I wanted to say – then making it sound nice to read in my head. I’m now doubting whether or not it’s a self-indulgent paragraph of pointlessness, and now I’m thinking it’s dinner time soon, and I should probably turn the computer off and deal with this later.

    Indeed, none of the above musings touch on the obvious love of story that permeates our very existence – mythology, fairy tales and even documentaries – but that is most definitely another post all on its own.

    So,  please leave your comments: Bloggers, Why do you blog? Readers, what do you read?  I’d be honoured if you left your thoughts below.

    *to paraphrase the great Douglas Adams, and probably a few others, the worst assumptions are the ones you don’t know you’re making.

    11 thoughts on “Why do we Blog?

    1. For me, Blogging has opened up lots of outlets and experiences I would not otherwise have had.
      I am not a writer, but this is part of one post that is apposite:

      Why do we feel this need to create? What is it that lies within us, scrambling to give birth to ideas and concepts that force connection to others, leaving a taste of our soul in their minds.
      Maybe this is just the human condition, a simple desire to create and share things of beauty. To give pleasure to others.

      This is a good thing.

      But is it just by chance that our strokes sweep through time and continue to connect long after we are gone? I think not. A hand greater than ours has made her mark.

      Thus the infinite variation is assured, a timeline of creativity generated by passion.

      I, Human

      I miss DNA too…

    2. I have only recently started blogging my self and agree with the whole taking “35 minutes” to write a paragraph.30 of those minutes spent editing.I am considering just getting an old fashioned pen to paper diary.I think I would me more able to freely express myself without having to worry about what people who can’t even see me think.

    3. One of the reasons people blog is to share some of our inner most thoughts. In the hope that you are not alone in having what you might think are strangethoughts.I suppose that depends on what you think of as strange!

    4. Hi LJ

      I do think you are right on why many blog and the internet has opened a new world to many in which we can leave our mark, thoughts, ramblings etc for all to see.

      I never though I would blog at all, knew about blogs for years and read alot, mainly tech ones, but my entrance into blogging came from being a beta tester for the Live Application and Windows Live Writer was one of those apps to test, so to run through some scenarios I setup a blog on Live Space and have been blogging on and off since 2007.

      Thing my mental thought and may have posted it in a first blog was the line of “To blog or not to blog, that is the question!” pondered that for 2 days before taking the leap.

      I dont tend to share personal stuff (is a link on my blog to more info about me on microsofts site) and daily tasks *not gotten around to the twitter thing* as have a hard time keeping up with everyday tasks of late. Mainly blog on stories and computer stuff/apps I like and test, tend to only blog about apps I have actually tried and/or use.

      and this took 2hrs to write and post, as ended up reading some of the blogs you linked to above.

    5. Hi LJ,

      I’ve been thinking of blogging for the last few weeks and have decided to give it ago.

      I like see what interesting working lives people lead compared to mine.

      I subscribe mainly to technology/education blogs which for me are really informative and who knows, maybe others will find mine interesting when I finally start!

      Clickbits is excellent.

    6. Hi. I think we blog, largly because we can. Like so much technologogy, we just like to use it whether it serves a useful purpose or not.

      However, as a businessman and blogger myself, I have discovered that some people appreciate blog posts; you can automate things so that your blog gets fired off to twitter, facebook, plaxo, linked in etc (so it’s easy to get a wider audience) and it’s a good addition to an otherwise static website (I currently have a website and blog, but will be integrating them).

    7. I often have thoughts that I need to put down on paper. They are currently in a my notebook as short paragraphs.

      Sometime in the future, when I have more time, I would like to expand on some of them on my blog.

    8. Blogging is a sociable way to keep a diary and also share my thoughts and interesting things I find on the web or around me. A side effect has been to make some new friends who started off as virtual friends and then who became real friends when we met up and found we also clicked in the real world – I think we would have been friends anyway and our blogs were a way that we got to know each other in a very 21st century way!

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