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They say work expands to fit the time available – and in this case, the 3 minute tech round up on the BBC’s website takes the better part of a day to make.

This post is really to chronicle the 3rd and 4th episodes so I can remember where I put them on the internet…  Click on the picture to get re-directed to the BBC’s site.

Clickbits Episode 4  – can’t see the link? click here:

The really bonkers one to do was Episode 3 which I pushed down from Las Vegas during an evening where every other technology person there was also trying to send video.   Once the video was sent back to the UK,  Zoe and Gary put the pictures together on the other end.

It was very strange sending down raw material and seeing a put-together programme emerge at the end of it.

Clickbits Episode 3  – can’t see the link? click here:

These links were filmed next to the Intel touch-wall, which was a giant interactive cube pulling pictures down from flickr. It was being run on what looked like a normal laptop – which surprised me – the graphics card in there must have been rather tasty.

If you want to see some pictures from CES 2010 , pop over to my flickr site here for a look round some of the weird and wonderful gadgets on display here.

One thought on “More ClickBits

  1. Well, favoured, lady, (punctuate those three words together any way you like!) I think I blog like other people write a diary; sometimes you want to say something and you know that you can’t or don’t have someone appropriate to say it to, so you stick it in your blog. Like you, the act of getting it into print, I feel, is a way of exploring the ideas or emotions around in your own mind and sometimes discharging a kind of charge.

    Added to which, you can be as verbose, sentimental or contentious as you like (I would add within the limits of good taste, but have you looked at a random selection of blogs recently?). Blogging could also become a way of joining a sort of virtual community online, but without the mind-boggling lunacy of some of the RPGs, and for some, for whatever reason, it may be the only way of resonating with others of similar outlook or views.

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