Qype: Akasiro in London

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I am DEFINITELY coming back to this small but perfectly formed japanese paradise.

Nestled in the small road behind the big Vue, Akasiro exudes a quiet informal charm, countered by exuberant flavours. Friendly staff make this even more of a find – but it’s too tasty to keep it a secret.

It’s one of those places where you wish you were more hungry so you could fit more in.

I had tuna rolls (tasty) agedashi tofu (delicious) and a generous salmon skewer dipped in luxurious silky teriyaki sauce (sublime).

My companion had the udon noodles in soup. topped with tempura – and this, along with my feast and some green tea, came to £25 for both of us.

See you in there…

Check out my review of Akasiro – I am ljrich – on Qype

One thought on “Qype: Akasiro in London

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