Music Recognition on the BBC!

My piece on Music Recognition for the Beeb went out this week – it’s available in the UK on the iPlayer, type Click in there (it’s the 18th July episode) or you can click on this click link by clicking this word: Click.

I am attempting to track down the link for the world version as we speak.

Tinkling the iVories on the iPlayer!

Tinkling the iVories on the iPlayer!

Here’s a pic of me at a big white grand piano – kindly provided by the players bar in Charing Cross  at about half a day’s notice.  Cue me turning up at 0900 with too much kit and not enough coffee.  They were nice to me, even in my kraken-like pre-caffeinated state.

The piano looked lovely, apart from 4 of the notes which weren’t quite there. 2 went plunk, one went baow and one went pffff, so I transposed some of the music. You shouldn’t hear any plunks, baows or pffffs :-).

There’s also an instrumental arrangement of Europe’s “The Final Countdown” in the piece which I played especially 🙂

More piccies below

plinky plunky

plinky plunky


Blah blah blah plinky blah blah

Blah blah blah plinky blah blah - my piece to camera


 Thanks to music recognition people Shazam, Midomi (from Melodis) and mHashup for letting me  interview them.
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2 thoughts on “Music Recognition on the BBC!

  1. Having only seen you on QVC before giving your very interesting advice re computers, I was very pleased to see that you are now with Click.

    It is wonderful that you are not only very knowledgeable re computers but also a very accomplished pianist, which I did not know about before. I enjoyed your playing very much. I am very impressed.

    Keep normal as you seem to be and I am sure you will do very well in the future with your talents. All the very best.

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