Qype: lucky voice in London


Save your voice. You’re best off whispering all day…

…because if you end up visiting Lucky Voice karaoke, then you are guaranteed to be yowling deep into the night.

I left what little pride and street-cred I had at the door and gazed upon the shocked faces of my friends as I foghorned my way through Whitney Houston and Chicago, via the Prodigy.

Happily, they wailed along to even more embarrassing tunes in return, so at least what happened in that private room will stay there – an uneasy truce between Karaoke sinners, if you will. Oh, and the sound system rocked.

Lucky Voice is the closest I’ve come to the KTV experiences I’ve had in Shanghai, except the keyboard wasn’t all in Mandarin Chinese, it was a touch screen where you could search by artist or song.

Although not the cheapest karaoke around, the friendly staff and ample drink choices make it a great night out for a special treat.

Just don’t expect to be able to answer the phone with anything more than a croaky grunt the next morning.

Check out my review of lucky voice – I am ljrich – on Qype

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