Speech Recognition on BBC Click

What a bonkers few weeks it has been….

The reason for my spectacular failure to blog is the same as my failure to sleep and even eat adequately – see below:

Click through to watch BBC Click

at the BBC in the Click Labs!

For the last 3 weeks I have been having “unfinished programme” nightmares due to a rather gentle deadline becoming a horrible looming urgent certainty… but it’s all over now, phew.

Until the next time, that is…

I’m rather happy to report that the waveforms used in this piece are of “panda” , “pancake” and “pan-galactic gargle blaster” respectively. You can watch this programme by clicking on the picture, or by clicking here.

Now that I’ve also assuaged my “bloggers guilt” albeit with a teeny post, I shall now hope to get some proper sleep. When I wake up, I’ll see you on the internet very soon.


2 thoughts on “Speech Recognition on BBC Click

  1. Congratulations on your 6-minute segment on BBC Click. It’s accessible on this side of the Atlantic, so it’s nice to see your face. The presentation was highly polished.

    In addition, 6 minutes of video is a richer medium that the 140 characters that we’ve been seeing of you on Twitter.

  2. I know what you mean with deadlines looming, my Outlook 2007 to-do list is nearly off the main page and most are in the red.. eeks, I’m sure some think I work 36hrs a day!!

    So like you less time to blog these days and tried to get in a few posts each week, work work and more work as well as Windows 7 test sceanrios. (news as of right now is Windows 7 will be onsale at or around Oct 22nd 2009)

    Speach recognition, still has a fair way to go especially with the vast amount of accents we all have, but no doubt they will get better in time.

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