Crazy Shop Websites

One of the things I had to do over the weekend was to find some crazy-looking online web shops, and thanks to everyone on twitter who kindly suggested some sites when I was struggling !  Thanks are also due to, I spent much longer than needed on there.

It’s for a piece on BBC Click that I’m producing,  just at the beginning of the feature – all will become clear when it’s aired on the 28th February.

I promised that I’d put my favourite ones on my blog, so here they are:  – WOULD YOU LIKE SOME FABRICS?????  Errr, hello, I’m a person, just walking out of my webpage.  Ow! my brain!!

Finally, these two are fabulous but not online shops, so they don’t count, although I thoroughly enjoyed the craziness of both of them. how much can you fit on one page?

and lastly, NB please do not  click through to this if you suffer from photo-sensitive epilepsy: it’s a very, very, bright flashing site filled with bright flashy stuff that repeats over and over until the end of time. It felt like I’d looked at it for about 10 seconds, but I missed QI as I was under for 4 hours.

Right, I’ve finished my filming, will update you on that once I’ve done the edit at the Beeb!

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7 thoughts on “Crazy Shop Websites

  1. Sheesh. Mine is more than a guddun, LINGsCARS is the only one that is alive enough that the owner spots your blog at midnight on a Sunday night and replies!

    If you wait 1 week, I have a fantastic new thing for my header which has amazed everyone that has seen it. It is a million times better than that cccp “vice president” walkabout rubbish. I nearly killed myself doing this effect.

    But if you use my site (which is kicking ass while the rest of the UK car industry moans and cries) you should be careful with my Dalek logo, I would hate the BBC to exterminate me for it. I had enough moaning about me showing that Dragon’s Den clip. Tsk, they think they own me!

    Plus my website is British (Chinglish) and alive. And I sold over £35m of new cars (at retail price) from it last year 2008, when the rest of the UK car industry was begging Mandelson for help.

    Just done a car to Gary Sinyor, the North London based film director. God, the circles my website moves in! Did one to Martin, head of BBC News, too (if you want a promotion just ask :). Hahaha.


    • Hi Ling, wow, thanks for passing by! I’m so glad your site is beating the credit crunch – I think that industriousness should be rewarded, and happily it seems to be the case according to your comments. Good luck!

  2. I had a friend who did a walking-out-of-the-page web site, based on advice he was getting from a marketing agency. I advised him to get provide a mute button for anyone who works in an office (and has people nearby who don’t appreciate random audio popups.

    The bridal page was so busy, it was hilarious. Most women only get married once, so is this what happens when a woman stays in the bridal business too long?

  3. OMG my retinas are burning with the visual overload!!!

    More interested in the QVC Rabbit I noticed in your Flicker images…. superb, things like that out of the blue amuse the hell out of me and I end up in fits laughing, not a pretty sight.

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