Qype: Muhib Indian Cuisine in London

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Prepare to delight in finding tasty indian food in a street packed with many alternative eating destinations. Ignore the polite hawkers on Brick Lane with their promise of free booze with your meal, and continue on your pilgrimage to one of the gems of the East (End of London).

Muhib manages to separate itself from the crowd by having a delicious attitude toward spicing, which means that each dish tastes different from the next. For veggies, prepare to enjoy the most fantastic Paneer Shaslik – that’s not on the menu by the way, you’ll have to ask.

While it’s certainly not the cheapest restaurant on the strip, Muhib offers good quality, well made dishes in decent portion sizes and a conversation-friendly environment.

I’d recommend brightly-lit Muhib for group meals as opposed to romantic dinners, and get dishes for sharing to enjoy diverse curry flavours.

Price: roughly around £20-£25 per person
Check out my review of Muhib Indian Cuisine – I am ljrich – on Qype

3 thoughts on “Qype: Muhib Indian Cuisine in London

  1. Hi LJ

    Cheers for the recomend on a resturant as I’m in London in mid Feb and if we are not taken out for evening meal, that sounds a great place as I love indian food.

    Good one if you’re even in Belfast is the Cafe India near the Botanical Gardens.

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