CES 2009 – battery! Nooooo

How incredibly ridiculous, I left 1/2 of my UK/US adaptor in the hotel, which means I’m on the clock with a minor uploading drama!  So the video might or might not make it up there, with 32 minutes remaining, it’s anyone’s game.

Highlights so far have been a proliferation of newer, greener display technologies (hold tight for OLED on the vid) and an emphasis on mobile content consuming, including a projector that’s been built into a phone.

In fact, the phone-projector from Samsung (using DLP technology) was the gadget I featured for BBC Click during filming last night, that’s going to be broadcast on BBC World, and perhaps even on the internet site too, which is very exciting.

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Today I’ll go to my appointments on the show floor armed with my (fully charged!) camcorder, and later I’ll meet with the rest of the BBC Click team.

…and tonight I might be attending the Sony Online Poker party which last year had Fire-Eaters and Acrobats as well as many different food stations.

Below are a few piccies from Flickr uploaded earlier:

in front of 150" panasonic tv by LJRich

In front of 150" TV!

phone projector showing kung fu panda by LJRich

Samsung Mini Projector - up to 50" screen size

phone with built in projector by LJRich

bottom phone is also a projector - to be featured on BBC Click

See you soon!

9 thoughts on “CES 2009 – battery! Nooooo

  1. Yay! Mission accomplished! I presume that’s the largest TV at the show?

    Not that I’m one of those large screen TV obsessed types – my laptop is my TV!

    I suppose for a follow up you could find the smallest TV!

  2. Hi LJ

    Wow those OLED TVs seem like they will give 1080p LCDs a run for there money, seems like you are in Geek Heaven ~:O)

    @Irdis ~ Windows 7 CPP (Communtity Preview Program) should be out later today, actually about the time of this post of mine, unless you are in the managed beta or have a MSDN/TechNet account and you can get it now.

    Been using Windows 7 builds since late last year and its looking very good so far.

    Some useful links on Windows 7 I use…


    Should be able but subject to users connection be able to get the Windows 7 CPP build 7000 here http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/evalcenter/dd353205.aspx

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