Las Vegas CES 09

Good morning  – at least, it’s morning here in Las Vegas.  It’s the day before CES 2009, the world’s largest trade show for Consumer Technology, and the largest annual trade show in the USA according to the data sheet next to me. 

070120091224 by LJRich

Las Vegas CES 2009

Apparently, people from over 140 countries attend the show, and its popularity is reflected by the packed plane I arrived on yesterday, where, believe it or not, the person sitting in the seat next to me ate my food whilst I was asleep – why? Because apparently, she didn’t like the chicken. 

here comes the monorail! Las vegas

Las Vegas Monorail - $5 a ride

CES debuts from years past include the VCR in 1970, the Camcorder in 1981, HDTV in 1998, Microsoft’s XBox in 2001 and OLED TV in 2008.  Consequently, this morning I awoke with 2 intentions – 1) get up early and have a look round and 2) hit the all-you-can-eat buffet with a vengeance.

all you can eat at las vegas buffet - 1st one to explode wins by LJRich

There are more stations behind me - a shrine to gluttony. Yippee!

So, after a filling meal of pancakes, french toast, potatoes, eggs, fruit and a cinnamon bun, I’m ready for some serious gadget input. 

lj rich blogging in the press room at ces 2009, las vegas  blogging this in the Press Room!Tonight’s party is the Pepcom Digital Experience, where many exhibitors are showing off their new stuff. I shall be bringing my trusty camcorder with me to record anything utterly bonkers or incredibly useful.


Please let me know if you’d like me to look up something for you.

7 thoughts on “Las Vegas CES 09

  1. LJ, You’re mission, should you decide to accept it, is to seek out the largest flat panel television at CES and be photographed in front of it!

    This comment will not self destruct in five seconds 🙂

  2. @anniemole, ha ha I nearly fell for that, thank goodness I asked someone before I found someone at Apple 🙂
    @Andy I will attempt your challenge, although last year there was a 150″ tv, and you’d need to get someone to stand far, far away with your kit to take a picture. I’d have to really trust them!
    @jazcummins Hello! It’s excellent, my badge gets me in everywhere and I’m off for a wander round the floor later on.

  3. She ate your food? While you were asleep? That’s fightin’ talk where I come from.

    (Note the first thing in your post that got a rise out of me. There’s a surprise!)

    You’ll be the most beautiful techno-geek in the state. (Mmmm … all-you-can-eat buffet.)

  4. Hi LJ
    Ask the guys at Nokia if I can swap my N95 for the new N97 the back’s come off mine and I still have 6 months left on my contract.
    Try the strawberry yoghurt and peaches at the Excalibur it’s gorgeous!
    Safe trip home.

  5. From the early morning blogging, I assume that you’re working down jet lag. You may adapt to the time zone time just in time to go home.

    You’ll have get a good look at the fountains after the sun sets though. That should give you the full CSI effect of Las Vegas.

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