Nicole Cooke, Gold Medallist, shows me her medal!

… it’s heavy for its size, like a good bit of electronics.

Here’s a video of what happened when I met Nicole Cooke, the person who brought back the first gold medal for the UK in the Beijing 2008 Olympics.  She won the Cycling Road Race.

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I turned up at an out-of-the-way studio, and fought my way through rails of incredibly fashionable sportswear accompanied by pumping loud music, gigantic umbrella flash reflectors, and lots of people.  This was a photoshoot for Nike’s Here I Am campaign featuring women in sport,   

Nicole was refreshingly down-to-earth about her impressive win, and when I asked where she kept her Gold Medal, she replied that when she wasn’t carrying it around for worky things like this, it was in a pouch at home – she only gets it out when people want to see it!  She talks about her training regime in the video, which sounds (unsurprisingly) punishing; obviously she looks great on it – I must admit being inspired to get in shape and eat less chocolate as a result of meeting her and the other ladies. 

Note: This video was meant to be released ages ago, however, a funeral, the flu and then all this new stuff at the BBC kind of got in the way.  Thank goodness for the xmas break, which meant I could finally get to work on these projects!  There’s one more vid post coming up before CES 2009, which couldn’t be more different from this video, it involves a sweary heavy metal band being interviewed in the back of a van.

And next week, I’ll be blogging from Las Vegas with all the latest gadgets from the Consumer Electronics Show.

One thought on “Nicole Cooke, Gold Medallist, shows me her medal!

  1. Hi LJ

    Hope you had a good xmas break and new year after the things that preceeded it, had flu just before xmas myself, not nice and new I should have had the flu jab in work last year!!

    Eating less chocolate is not healthy ~:O) DONT DO IT.

    Always wondered how big those medals where as times I have seen them they have been long angle shots on TV, or that the ones they gave you where big and then they give you a smaller one later.

    Very jealous that you’ll be at CES, will ahve to watch the clips and soundbites of it, kinda really looking forward to the Pre Show Keynote from Steve Ballmer (MSFT)on Wednesday, for it may be the kick-off for the beta of Windows 7.

    So have fun and look forward to reading your gadget posts.

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