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View from BBC Click's Office by LJRich.

View from Click Towers

…And the reason I’ve been so utterly busy is partially explained by the picture, which is the view from BBC Click‘s offices at BBC TV Centre!  Wow!

I’m putting together some packages (which is what we call the 4-minute features in the programme) which will be transmitted across the whole world!

Some of the more techy readers may well have seen me pop up on a couple of episodes already – and you’ll be able to see me on the iPlayer on the coming edition, talking about gadgets with Spencer Kelly, Click’s main presenter, in the soon-to-be-revealed Click Lab.

I am chuffed to bits to be at the BBC!!!!!  As I (and others) would say on Twitter: “Woop!  Woop!”

8 thoughts on “Quick Click Blog

  1. Hey LJ great to see you get more recognition for all your many talents (teccy and non-teccy), and about time too, if I say so myself.

    Anyway, to keep things short, have a good one.

    All the best

    Rik. (plan7a/Rik on twitter).

  2. Hi thirstforwine, Bazza, Rik, Simon and David – thanks so much for your congrats, lovely of you to comment! Filming more stuff for Click on Monday, will blog about how it goes… LJ

  3. I seen you on it. We always watch.

    And I never went to all this trouble looking for “what’s-her-name-at-the-end” site before to tell her this either! 😛

    All the best.

    • Hey, The Scotchman, thanks so much!! Now, I’m packing for tomorrow morning’s filming – quite excited (and a little nervous!) but happily fully prepped so it should all go well. See you online soon…

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