Silent Disco – Shhhh!

131120081105 silent disco by you.– A strange and wonderful use of RF technology here, everyone is wearing headphones and dancing to some kick-ass tunes off someone’s Mac at the far end (not visible).

If you aren’t wearing the headphones, you are watching as a whole bunch of people throw their hands in the air at the same time.

This was in London’s Carnaby Street yesterday evening – it was lovely. You could just walk into the enclosure, get given your headphones, dance for a while, and then return the ‘phones on your way out. There were a few vari-lights up too, you can see one in the top left of the pic!

The tunes included remixes of Obama’s “Yes We Can” speech, and SL2’s ancient hit “On a Ragga Tip”. Pointless Trivia alert: SL2 named themselves after a London bus route.

3 thoughts on “Silent Disco – Shhhh!

  1. I was under the impression it was a publicity thing for Silent Disco, although no one was handing any leaflets out. It was organised very well though.

    Thanks for the Obama Link, that was the track 🙂

  2. Thinking of it I love the idea… would look like the crowd was a bunch of “nutters” dancing to no music, unless you had the headphones!

    Most welcome on the track.

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