‘Tis the Season

only 1,000,000 shopping days left - quiiiiiiick!
only 1,000,000 shopping days left – quiiiiiiick!

As you can see from the set today, it appears that Christmas now officially lasts for 7 weeks, whether or not you’re a believer.

I entertain visions of having everything under control but it just doesn’t happen like that – I remember a year ago, I bought most of my stuff online in November (mainly at www.boots.com and  www.Firebox.com! )  – this was laughably easy and I felt especially self-satisfied – until I had to accompany all my less-organised friends to Costco anyway as they hadn’t done any of their shopping.  So there I was on the 22nd December,  being squished between various gift aisles suffering from caffeine deprivation and trolley bruises.  All my hard work and slight gloating was for nothing.
So, should I be panicking?  Have you done your  xmas shopping already?  Will you do anything for the festive season?  Are you incredibly organised and wrap everything beautifully? Or are you a last-minute lemming ?
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10 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

  1. Loving the idea of firebox.com – great stuff 🙂

    Have ordered by Moo cards so ahead of the game with that, and put all my addresses onto labels last year, so I’ll just amend the ones that need erm…amending.

    Mum = flowers from Edward Goodyear (great)
    Dad = nice bottle of wine from Nicolas (great)

    Only thing that needs sorting after that is the partner, I’ll grab stuff as I go along, so hopefully everything’s pretty much sorted.

    Plan to be nowhere near the shops during the last couple of weeks – especially at weekends. When I go to hell, it’ll actually be based on Oxford Street half an hour before closing time on Christmas Eve, surrounded by crying children. Making me go cold just thinking about it 😉

  2. I am never prepared for Christmas. This year I am sending everyone homemade Christmas cookies and calling it a very good year! I do love Christmas just not shopping for the holiday.

  3. MsJen: I like your style – I use amazon.com to send stuff to my mates in the USA, much easier than posting them myself.

    Michael: that is incredibly organised

    Jessica E: mmmmmm Cookies???? what flavour????

  4. Hi LJ

    I always have great intentions of finishing all my shopping by the 1st December, have them wrapped up and all cards written… in reality I have never achieved this feat yet!

    Do tend to finally get everything before the mad last week before Christamas tho as I just hate the mad rush of too many people in the shops, have done online shpooing more in the past few years, although that doesnt always work out as I found out last year, Nintendo Wii for neices, popped it in my shopping basket on Amazon, then forgot to buy it there and then, decided to make sure I didnt need anything else from Amazon, left it two weeks and DADA, they all sold out, so then mad rush to find a store with them so ended up in the mad frenzy of christmas highstreet shopping in the end and did get one, but stress levels where at defcon 2.

    @Michael, do you rent yourself out as a personal shopper ~:O) superbly organised.

    I’m on track this year with only 3 presents left to get, and cards to buy, write and send.

  5. No signs of the credit crunch then in those pics of happy shoppers, although noticed many retailers are dumbing down their Q4 profit reports already.

    I live shopping just dont like the hassle of too many people, sadly I’m not rich enough yet to be able to command a private shopping session in stores!

  6. I get inspiration for my wish list and the gifts I buy on Veedow.com – a “discovery engine” which helps people discover products they’ll love! A sort of Last.fm for shopping.

    Err… and I’m the co-founder! 🙂 But I’d love to see you all there and I’m prepared to put money where my mouth is!

  7. Hi Fabio, thanks for your comment (and plug!) – I remember meeting you at one of the social media events a few months back – how’s business?

    I do like a bit of shopping, but I have to be in the mood for it, anything that drags me away from the internet, the telly, or the piano has to be worth it ! David, v. impressed at your “3 presents left”, I’ve only bought 2 presents so far… gulp!

  8. Hi LJ

    Me too on shopping, need to be in the mood and hate shops to be too crowded.. which is why I love internet shopping, did some more shopping a week ago when I took a holiday from work, well now left with 2 presents to get the hardest in being for parents, TBH I dont have many to buy for so fairly easy for me, main ones are the 2 neices… they getting tech again this year.

    Bad trait of mine is that I do get cards early enough but leave it till last minute to write and send! need to find out when last post is for USA.

    Hope you have managed to get some shopping done?

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