Skype Video Interview with Josh Silverman, CEO

I’ve been editing like a wild thing! Just uploaded video from the Skype 5th Birthday party, in case you wanted to know what went on that night – Apologies for the slightly dodgy audio, the acoustics were not the best in a London nightclub with the New Yuricans playing at full volume during the individual interview section, although I did do a little tweaking.  I really liked the fact that Josh from Skype used words like “Woolly Mammoth” in conjunction with Voice-Over IP software. 

Here’s a bit of his speech and the interview.

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Nero has just launched some new software yesterday, including Nero 9 and a fabulous new program called “Move It”  – I got to see it first last week (it’s been under embargo) and I recorded some vlog footage for your delectation.  I may even be able to post the video up today if I drink enough tea to fuel the computer.

P.S. Rather bravely (some might say idiotically), I decided to play with the registry in Vista, being inspired by Techware Labs’ post  – much to my amazement, my computer now starts up quicker, although I would be very, very careful and BACK UP if you also have an irrational urge to poke around in your PC’s private areas…

3 thoughts on “Skype Video Interview with Josh Silverman, CEO

  1. Thanks for posting the video of Skype’s 5th birthday party. It’s hard to believe that the company is only 5 years old. The technology has had such a big impact on the world in a short period of time.

  2. Hi jan,
    thanks for your comment – this was an interview for 5 mins in a noisy bar with Josh Silverman, who at the time had only been CEO for about 6 months. This was also recorded way before the Skype / China stuff was in the news.

    My blog has always been a celebration of technology, gadgetry and innovation, as opposed to hardcore investigative journalism, of which there are many other sites to choose from.

    Yes, I’m a big fan of Skype as a service, and use it most days – that’s my opinion as opposed to someone “PR-ing” me when I wasn’t looking…

    yes, I was also quite amazed that Skype had only been around for 5 years, we both must have been there at the beginning in that case.

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