First to See The New Archos!

Lovely New Archos Internet Media Tablet

Lovely New Archos Internet Media Tablet

Happy Tuesday…

OK, you are now looking at something that is under embargo until 0000 on the 20th August, although my contacts have allowed me to post a mini-sneak preview of the BRAND NEW ARCHOS!

All hail the Archos Internet Media Tablet, finally with High resolution playback with HDMI output on TV, and up to 320GB capacity, internal file search engine. email application, & a 3.5G connection, yes, eventually, even your archos will have permanent connection to the Web and access to emails via a 3.5G/HSDPA network connection.

IMAP or POP email service allows you to send, reply to and transfer emails with compatible attachments, these can be stored on the ARCHOS device’s hard drive and shared. There’s an optional in-car holder which turns the ARCHOS 5 into a fully fledged GPS.

ARCHOS 5 is available from September. ARCHOS 7 from October, and ARCHOS 5G from Q4 2008 – prices range from around £300 to around £440 depending on capacity, screen size and capability.

Geek Chic Advance Alert!

In a few months or so, there’s talk of a “TV Snap-on” which turns the ARCHOS 5 or 7 into a digital TV to receive free digital TV channels and record programs in DVD quality, as if I don’t watch enough telly.

If you want to see these pics in high res, they’re on my flickr here.

Update: Archos Website currently has this on the front page.

4 thoughts on “First to See The New Archos!

  1. Hi LJ

    That new Archos looks superb, just wondering on the 3.5G HSDPA side if any mobile providers are supporting it? If so and you wanted a portable media device and no phone it would be a great alternative to say the iPhone, especially with its far larger capacity.

    Also and likely with your contacts you may knowm are Archos thinking in terms of developing a mobile phone version of their machines as TBH I feel that it would be a great direction.

    Any idea on battery life as I know my iPhone 3G when on 3G eats battery life, its not too bad on EDGE but thats lacking the speed of 3G?

    Looking forward to seeing you demo this on QVC if you will be.


  2. Hi David, not entirely sure about all the hard details yet – I agree though, there is space for an A-phone, as it were…
    As soon as I get some answers from Archos, I’ll post them here.

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