One Night of Knitting

Cat Heaven

Cat Heaven

The last time I knitted was probably when I was 6 or 7, my grandma did the “casting on” for me, and I could only knit a few rows and not purl at all.  I couldn’t even spell “Purl”.

Imagine my surprise when the good people at Qype invited me to an evening of “Stitching and Bitching” as it’s apparently called in the more hardcore knitting circles.

Here’s a little photo diary of our night at  I-Knit  – I was pretty impressed with what I managed (considering knitting isn’t really compatible with Windows), but there were some amazingly talented cohorts, including Gemma from  Will I pick up a ball of wool and continue?  Who knows…


Well, I now know about “frogging” (which is not as unsavoury as it sounds), stocking stitch, and something I may never conquer, moss-stitching.  *sigh* despite my best intentions, I thoroughly enjoyed the slightly obsessive high one gets from knitting, the sweet sound of the needles and soft yielding of the yarn …Right, off to the Tech Christmas in July event tonight in case I get too domesticated.

2 thoughts on “One Night of Knitting

  1. I just finished my first knitting class a few weeks ago. I knit a hat! A fair isle hat. I’m loving it. Sort of zen like once you get into a rythm with it.

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