Back From China, Part 3 Li Jiang and Home

Tiger Leaping Gorge, Li Jiang

Tiger Leaping Gorge, Li Jiang

If you’ve read my previous china posts (Back from China: Part 1 and  Part 2) then you’ll know that at this point, I was rather frazzled from all the sightseeing.

To be honest, for me there wasn’t much that could top actually stroking a real live giant panda in Chengdu, or so I thought, until I ended up at serene, temperate Li Jiang 120km from the Tibetan border.

Li Jiang is a little-known South China location that’s popular with chinese tourists, and generally unknown to people outside the mainland – it’s beautiful, friendly and has access to some of the most breathtaking views – to the left is a pic of Tiger Leaping Gorge, it looks like a movie set (and has probably been used in countless films, come to think of it).

Staying in the Old town was a delight – at last, traditional chinese fayre abounds, our friends made sure we had a great time and stayed in an incredible hotel, too.

Here’s a gallery below of the best of the pictures.  China, you were an incredible host. I would be happy to return one day.

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