Food 2.0, Lightscribe

As I’m taking part in Food 2.0 this Sunday, I went to do a little research at a place in London called Vanilla Black, perhaps one of my favourite places to eat an unsuitable amount of food.  Here’s the first part of the review I posted:

Gasp!! Gourmet Vegetarian food that even carnivores are satisfied by? Tasty veggie delights that your tongue will treasure for weeks to come? Vanilla Black is out-of-the-way in Chancery Lane, but only 3 mins walk from the tube – a blessing if you’re bored with fighting through Soho and fancy a change. This destinational eaterie is a heavenly escape from the usual bland veggie options that I’ve become resigned to…. check out the rest here:   Vanilla Black

I’m partnered with the lovely Tiara Diamond and we are planning a vegetarian feast of fabulous flavours.  We spent quite some time going through what we ate and didn’t eat – turns out that both of us have a fear of raisins as well as a startling amount of “no-go” food areas.  After writing out a “hate list” followed by a “love list” we decided upon Mushroom Menage on Summer Rosti with Fresh Asparagus as a main course, followed by Toffee Apple Meringue pie.  The starter will be a tricolore salad with Honeyed Balsamic Dressing. It’s going to be mad because I’ll have just finished a 24-hour stint on telly, and will be ravenous.


Burn, Baby, BurnMeanwhile, I got a lovely Lacie Lightscribe drive to play with in the post today, installed like a dream on my Mac, it’s almost enough for me to consider defecting from Vista, all this plug-and-play business… but I must confess, it’s weird not having that right-click for tweakage.  I’m very clearly straddling two camps here, as it were.

This drive is both PC and Mac compatible so happily I don’t have to choose yet.  Now I must fight the temptation to lightscribe a naughty word on to a disc with a laser.  Just like old times – I just remembered programming my ZX Spectrum to “speak” words that were typed in – this was many years ago – and a Derek and Clive sketch was chosen as the ultimate test of skill … but what would you expect from a Red Dwarf fan?*


*only the first 4 series though.

5 thoughts on “Food 2.0, Lightscribe

  1. Good luck for the Food 2.0 thingy – it certainly sounds interesting (and tasty!)! 🙂

    Mentioning the Speccy brings back memories (arguing over which was better – the C64 or the Spectrum! Although I had an Amstrad CPC…).

    I had a speech program on the Amiga – a £399 (in 1991) machine and, naturally, I managed to find a way to reduce it to cussing and reciting various naughty limericks! Great stuff!!

  2. Hi LJ,

    Macs DO have right-click for tweakage. The wired Mighty Mouse (which you clearly have) has a lot of buttons, despite appearing to only have one. It has a left click, a right click, a scroll ball click, and a side squeeze click. So, that’s 4 🙂

    But even if you don’t use a Mighty Mouse, any mouse works with a left and right click on a Mac. It’s all configurable in System Preferences, Keyboard & Mouse, Mouse.

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