Brenthaven Antics

And on to the next gadgety item – I got it last week, and it was good.  


This is the Eclipse Sleeve I – part of the Brenthaven range of laptop sleeves specialising in portable computer protection.  Ah, the stuff tech dreams are made of, a comfortable, low-impact journey from A to B, perhaps along with some nice even current, and the odd dusting.

I hulked my heavy but sexy Rizeon PC all over Las Vegas in January, and [prior to that] bashed seven bells out of my Vaio.  I remember, with some trauma, one time, just before going on air, my vaio leapt off the table in an impressive attempt to escape live TV.  As the camera crew and co-presenter looked on in horror, I remembered how important it was to back stuff up in that ohnosecond – so an item that claims to help protect my laptop is definitely worth further examination.

I’ve been waiting a long time for something interesting to appear in the cushioned laptop bag category.  The inside is a bit like memory foam, and there’s a separate bit for papers, although I found it difficult getting my power adapter into the case as well, perhaps because this is the slimline model. 

Happily, this foamy, friendly small bag [would that be a baguette?] fits my macbook as well, and nestles into my larger backpack for easy transportation (you can see that in the final pic).  

Now I do have new-age tendencies, and I certainly have a terrible leaning towards puns – so it was doubly gratifying to hear that the company behind the bag are committed to reducing their effect on the environment, as well as reducing the dents and grazes on my lappy.  I therefore applaud their choice of the name Zero Impact for the range.

Have a look here for some footage of their cases being chucked out of trucks.

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