Brushes with the Rich and More Famous!

Now here’s something that doesn’t happen every day… it’s a picture of me in OK magazine!! how exciting, apart from the fact that a) this was from 2005, a million years ago, and b) there’s an errant bit of hair in my face…
Ah, that short brush with tabloid fame and such a long time ago…. thank goodness I can redeem myself tonight, and get glammed up to attend the ICA’s 60th Anniversary Gala dinner… I will be leaving shortly after the systems failure in the Wardrobe Registry gets debugged i.e. I decide what to wear.
I’m going to grab my JVC Everio camcorder just in case anything exciting happens, it should fit into my TARDIS-style handbag along with the vast amount of other electronics that generally accompanies me everywhere. Thank goodness I have a powermonkey to plug into, which makes things a little greener.
[…someone performed a Random Act of Kindness on me the other day and touched my heart.]
Tomorrow I’ll be off to Bournemouth to do some filming in my capacity as Tech Girl on the Telly – but rest assured, I’ll report back from this fabulous occasion, probably on the train back home if I finish processing my emails… which reminds me, if you read my “extreme” blog a few weeks ago, I went off to that club Guanabara in the end, and the London School of Samba gave a live performance, which was incredible – I’ll post up some pics of that as well.
…and don’t forget to visit my latest Q&A session on Virgin’s page! love, LJx

5 thoughts on “Brushes with the Rich and More Famous!

  1. Hey LJ,

    Good to meet you last night! We unquestionably had the best table in the room, aside from possibly the one with Primal Scream man…

    See you at some other events in the future, I’m sure!


  2. just hopping through QVC and saw you demo-ing a laptop lap-protector thing. Mmmmm…. v glamorous 🙂

    looking forward to hearing your take on the ICA night – it all seems like a surreal dream to me now.

  3. just wondered how your trip to bournemouth went and what you thought of your experience with Tim and Shaune? I work with these dudes and am always writing snippets about what we’re up to – have just seen the finished footage of your interview which looks good so i’ll be writing something about that soon. Hopefully you’ve got some stuff from the guys by now too – just wondered what you thought.

    Take care and thanks for getting involved.

  4. Hi Caronward,
    Thanks for your comment – trip to Bournemouth was great, Tim has definitely got a lovely bunch of people around him and I enjoyed the intensive filming aspect of it, we filmed about 3 hours of footage in the end, quite a lot to choose from, so I’m glad some of it was usable 🙂
    Looking forward to sitting down and watching it – Tim+Co were kind enough to send over a long cut.
    Love, LJ x

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