Marathon Weekend

After an August that was incredibly quiet, bordering on hibernation, this week fills me both with dread and anticipation all at once.


Thursday is Virgin Media’s webchat – I’m going in to Virgin HQ to answer xmas gadgety questions, so I have a laughably huge amount of preparation and research in advance involving much surfing, phoning and tea-drinking.


Before I get a chance to recover from that, I’ll be on telly this Saturday at various times from 0100 (Friday night) to 2359 (Saturday night), which means I a) have to memorise specifications for approximately 200 electronic objects, b) need to work out what to wear, and, most annoyingly, c) do my nails, or in my case, just make sure that one “pointing” finger looks usable, as generally my nails look great for approximately 5.6 minutes after applying the last of the polish.


Incidentally, my sister on the other hand (did I mean that pun?!) has incredibly elegant nails and long graceful fingers – but as a piano player, I have short stumpy paws, although I can now stretch a tenth in my left hand, through years of practice and dedication – take that, Chopin…


One thought on “Marathon Weekend

  1. LJ, you are a most perspicacious, audacious, scrumdiddleyumptious young lady. And I am appreciative of your sartorial arts. Indeed, it has been said – and it may have been myself wot said it – “Beware of Geeks wearing shifts.”

    Or was that in another context entirely?

    You are fab. Let us join the Great Link …

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